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Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Des Moines, IA

Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Des Moines IAHiring a motorcycle accident law firm Des Moines, IA relies on

For motorcycle enthusiasts, enjoying the ride can come with some form of risk. Despite your The attorneys at our motorcycle accident law firm Des Moines, IA has to offer are equipped with the experience you require when faced with such a situation. When you choose Johnston Martineau, PLLP to represent you in your motorcycle accident, we will work tirelessly by your side to help you gather evidence and prove your case.

If you have been injured while on a motorcycle, a motorcycle accident law firm Des Moines, IA respects, such as  Johnston Martineau, LLP, is ready to provide you with the consultation you require. This time with us will prove to your our ability to help you make smart, well thought out strategies for moving forward.

Initiating Your Case

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and believe someone should be held accountable for their actions, it’s important to act fast. The statute of limitations is the timeframe you have to pursue your case. We can help you initiate the case before time runs out. At your first consultation with us, we will carefully review your case to determine if pursuing a legal claim is in your best interest. If we decide to take your case, we will start the process by working closely with you to gather evidence to prove your case. Following this, we will likely send a demand letter to the insurance company in efforts to obtain compensation for your losses. The demand letter usually includes:

  • Summary of the accident
  • An outline of your injuries
  • Treatment information
  • The impact the accident has had on you

An insurance adjuster is often assigned to the case to review the demand letter and investigate the accident. They will work to determine whether they will attempt to settle your case out of court or deny the claim altogether.

Negotiating Your Case

Once a demand letter has been sent to the insurance company, they will often come back with a counter offer. We will carefully review the counter offer with you to determine the best way to proceed with your case. In many cases, this is where the negotiation process begins.  As a leading motorcycle accident law firm in Des Moines, IA, our lawyers are skilled in this particular area of practice. Negotiation is key to helping to secure a settlement offer that helps you obtain the best settlement offer possible. Negotiation with an insurance company usually involves back and forth communication until both parties are able to agree on an appropriate settlement amount. If the claim is denied, or neither party is able to reach a fair offer, it may make sense to pursue a lawsuit. We will help you by carefully weighing the pros and cons to determine the course of action that is in your best interest.

Don’t wait for the insurance adjusters to come to you before hiring a lawyer; rather, you should call a motorcycle accident law firm Des Moines, IA community members recommend as soon as possible.

When do you know you have to hire an attorney?

You should hire an attorney immediately when you are able to. Sometimes a family member can hire someone on the injured party’s behalf. You should learn what your best legal options are right away so you are as prepared as possible to file a claim and have evidence ready. There is usually a statute of limitations (time period is dependent on the state) and you must file before that time is up. In some cases, you have as little as 6 months to produce a claim.

Even if you don’t want to pursue a lawsuit, you should file a claim for damages to compensate you for injuries and damage to your bike. Likely, you will settle out of court and it will not escalate to the level of lawsuit. A lawyer from a Des Moines, IA motorcycle accident law firm can help you negotiate for payment from the insurance company as well as pursue a lawsuit and represent you in court should that not work out favorably.

Minor injuries can still cost you a lot.

Some injuries take some time to present symptoms such as a head injury or whiplash. A minor pain could indicate that you have suffered a more serious injury that hasn’t developed symptoms yet. It is always best to get checked out by your doctor and get all the documentation possible to provide as evidence if you pursue a claim.

Despite your insurance status, it may still be costly to get surgery or other treatment, so filing a claim is in your best interest. You may also have medical problems and treatments for longer than you anticipated, so it is important to factor in possible future expenses.

It is not wise to negotiate without a lawyer.

You may think that your injuries are so severe that you don’t need a motorcycle accident law firm in Des Moines, IA to seek compensation. That does not guarantee that an insurance company will provide a pay out. They will try to discredit you in any way to prove you don’t deserve their money and that can leave you hopeless and still in debt due to your injuries. Having an attorney by your side can help improve your chances drastically beyond what you would have if you represented yourself.

Hiring a motorcycle accident law firm Des Moines, IA relies on

It can be beneficial to consider legal representation when you get into a motorcycle accident. This is because the Des Moines, IA motorcycle accident law firm, like Johnston Martineau, LLP, will have a better understanding of the complicated area of personal injury law. An experienced attorney will also best know how to pursue compensation in a court of law. You will need an advocate to speak up for you in the face of insurance companies who will try to deny any claim they can and ensure paperwork is gone through properly and completely.  

You should consult a motorcycle injury attorney right away in order to seek proper compensation in a timely manner. Call for a free consultation at a motorcycle accident law firm Des Moines, IA trusts today!