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T-bone car accident attorneys in Des Moines, Iowa

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What is a T-bone accident?
A T-bone car accident, in its simplest form, is simply a crash in which one car strikes another car perpendicularly thus, roughly, forming the shape of a T.

T-bone crash can be one of the most dangerous types of car accidents in which you can be involved and victims often suffer serious injuries such as whiplash, fractures, head and brain injuries and even wrongful death.

An impact need not be precisely in the middle of one car and the exact center point of another car to be classified as a T-bone accident. Rather, “T-bone” is more of an umbrella term that is used to describe an accident in which any part of the side of a car is struck by the front of another car. Clearly, depending on what the point of impact is, not every collision such as this will truly make a “T” shape but the phrase is still a useful reference when discussing a car accident.

For reasons that are somewhat self-explanatory, many T-bone accident occurs at an intersection. Therefore, it is important to drive with heightened awareness when nearing or crossing through an intersection even if the traffic control devices are in your favor. As many of us heard when learning to drive, “It’s not your driving I’m worried about, it’s the other guy!”

T-bone brain injuries

As noted above, t-bone accidents cause myriad injuries. However, brain injuries tend to be more common in T-bone accidents than in other types of car accidents because, unlike a rear-end crash, in which occupants of a car have their heads snapped forward and back, in a T-bone car accident occupants of the car that is struck have their heads whipped side to side.

This lateral movement can cause a passenger’s head to strike a window or support pieces within the cabin of the car which often leads to brain injuries such as concussions or worse.

The risk of serious injury from a side impact crash makes sense when you consider that seatbelts and headrests, while hugely beneficial in a rear-end crash or head-on collision, are of relatively little help in a T-bone crash.

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