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Des Moines Intersection Accident Attorney

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Des Moines Intersection Accident Attorney

Intersection accident in Des Moines, Iowa?

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Our Des Moines car accident attorneys have represented thousands of people who have been injured in intersection accidents and are ready to put their experience to work for you.

Whether the intersection is a four way stop, a “T” style, controlled with traffic lights or stop signs, or uncontrolled, many serious car accidents occur at intersections.

If you have been driving for more than a few months, the odds are good that you have seen other drivers choose to operate their vehicles in a negligent manner at an intersection.

Some of the more common negligent behaviors include, but are not limited to: drivers not knowing or understanding basic right-of-way laws, drivers who simply choose to ignore the rules, and even drivers who choose to ignore traffic control devices. Clearly, any of those actions can, and do, cause an injury inducing car accident.

You might notice in the previous paragraph that the word “choose” is frequently used which is quite intentional. At Des Moines Injury, our personal injury attorneys don’t like the word “accident” as it implies that nobody was responsible for a crash.

Rather, we believe that people make “choices” and the wrong choice can cause a car accident. Clearly, no one chooses to be involved in a crash but they do choose to run a light, not learn the law, or to not pay attention to driving.

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We all know the adage, “experience matters”. This statement holds true for nearly every aspect of life but, we believe, it is particularly true when choosing a lawyer. Our Des Moines car accident attorneys have successfully represented people who were injured in countless types of intersection accidents.

If you have been injured by the poor choices of another driver, whether whiplash, a broken bone, a brain injury, or any other type of injury, you are entitled to justice and fair compensation.

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