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I-235 Accident Personal Injury Lawyers in Des Moines Iowa

Without a doubt, I-235 is the most heavily used road in the state of Iowa and, with the sheer amount of traffic, car and truck accidents happen. Unfortunately, some of those accidents will result in personal injuries ranging from head injuries to wrongful death and everything in between.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident on I-235 or elsewhere in Des Moines, Iowa, contact our Des Moines Iowa personal injury law firm today at 515-493-4878 or via email for a free consultation.

Our personal injury attorneys will help you recoup your accident related loses and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

Whether you are concerned about:

• Lost wages;

• Medical bills;

• Future medical care;

• Property damage;

• Pain and suffering;

or any other loss, contact one of our attorneys who will take the time to listen and then, with your input, develop a game plan to help guide you through this challenging time.

I-235 in Des Moines, Iowa

Interstate 235 (I-235) in Des Moines, Iowa, is what is commonly referred to an “auxiliary Interstate Highway”. It is situated immediately north of downtown Des Moines and measures 13.78 miles when measured from its beginning at the intersection of Interstates 35 and 80 in West Des Moines to their separation in Ankeny, Iowa.

From its construction, I-235 saw very little change until the late 1990s and early 2000s at which time it was widened from two lanes in each direction to three with additional lanes near the city center. Traffic counts indicate that I-235 sees an average of nearly 80,000 to 125,000 drivers per day.

The Iowa Department of Transportation reports that the stretch of I-235 between 56th Street and 42nd Street is the busiest stretch on all of Iowa’s road with daily traffic counts in that area of approximately 130,000 cars.

I-235 sees not only regular commuters but many tourists as well. The reason for the heavy out-of- town traffic is due, in part, to the many Des Moines area amenities that are accessed from I-235 such as the Des Moines Botanical Center, the Wells Fargo Arena, the Iowa Events Center, East Village, and the Iowa State Capitol. This influx of tourists can contribute to car accidents on I-235 as many of these motorists are unfamiliar with the city and, thus, might make unexpected maneuvers and stops as they try to reach their destinations.

Highway Driving & Car Accidents

Driving comes with risk. Whether the risk is a pothole on a side street, construction on a thoroughfare, or another driving behaving in a negligent manner, we all know that driving can be dangerous.

Highway and interstate driving comes with its own inherent risk with the most obvious being high speed. Car accidents in which speed is a factor often result in more significant injury and property damage than those in which the drivers are moving more slowly as would be expected on a residential street. This isn’t to say that people do not get injured in lower speed car accidents because they do. However, when traveling on an Interstate, a driver’s speed is usually greater (over a longer time) than those on other types of roads thus I-235 sees a high number of serious car accidents.

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